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Different jewelry care methods:The Complete Guide

Jewelry plays a vital role in our daily life; whether it is marriage, birthday, or gift, jewelry is a good choice. Many people will find that it has changed after wearing jewelry for some time because it has yet to be maintained. Here are some standard jewelry care methods.

Gold jewelry care

heavy gold ring pic

Gold jewelry retains its original luster and charm if carefully maintained.

1, some chemicals can change the color of gold, so you should remove gold jewelry before cleaning.

2, gold jewelry avoids direct contact with perfume, hair spray, and other highly volatile substances. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the fading of gold jewelry.

3, swimming to remove the gold jewelry to avoid touching the sea or pool water, surface chemical changes.

4, put it into the jewelry box to avoid damage when storing it with flannelette wrap.

5, pure gold is soft and easy to deform, so do not pull so as not to twist.

6, pure gold jewelry in the encounter of Mercury will produce a chemical reaction, white spots; if the cleaning under the alcohol lamp barbecue for a while, you can restore the primary color.

7, after wearing the gold jewelry is often tarnished by stains and dust; at this time, as long as the gold jewelry is in a neutral detergent, soaked in warm water, cleaned, and then removed to wipe dry.

Silver jewelry care

Sterling silver bracelet

Many friends like sterling silver jewelry but need to learn how to maintain it; the following is the maintenance method.

1, Silver jewelry should be worn daily because the human body oil can make the silver jewelry produce a warm natural luster.

2, other precious metal jewelry does not wear with silver jewelry simultaneously to avoid collision deformation or abrasion when wearing silver jewelry.

3, keep the silver jewelry dry, do not wear swimming, and do not get close to hot springs and seawater. When not wearing, you can gently wipe the surface of the silver jewelry with a cotton cloth or facial paper, remove water and dirt, and put it in a sealed bag or box to avoid contact with air.

4, if the silver jewelry is found to have signs of yellowing, the easiest way to use toothpaste with water to wash the surface. Or use a small brush to clean the fine cracks of the silver jewelry, and then rub the surface with a silver cloth. You can immediately restore the original luster. (If using a silver wipe cloth can restore the shine, do not use a silver wipe and silver wash because they have a certain corrosive; silver jewelry, after using these products, will become more prone to yellow. )

5, the silver jewelry is seriously yellow; soaking in silver washing water should not be too long, generally a few seconds; immediately clean with water after removal, and then blot with face paper.

Platinum jewelry care

PT950 bracelet

1, platinum jewelry and cosmetics to avoid contact; when wearing palladium content of low platinum (platinum less than 75%) jewelry, it is best not to often acid, and all kinds of direct cosmetics contact, once contact should be immediately washed with water to prevent discoloration.

2, platinum jewelry worn long without a shine can be cleaned with toothpaste. Method steps: Squeeze the toothpaste on the towel, rub back and forth on the platinum jewelry, rub off the surface fine lines and dirt, wash with diluted detergent, and then rinse with water; the color can be restored.

3, when cleaning housework, gardening, and other physical labor, do not wear platinum jewelry because platinum will also be deformed under strong external forces.

4, do not put the platinum ring and the gold ring on the adjacent finger because the gold is soft, platinum and gold friction, the gold powder will adhere to the surface of the platinum so that the platinum ring is locally yellow and difficult to remove.

5, clean platinum jewelry regularly. The method of cleaning platinum jewelry is the same as other precious jewelry, use the jewelry cleaner sold in the market, or soak the platinum jewelry in a solution of soap and warm water for 5 minutes, rinse with water, and finally blot with a soft cloth, clean once a month. Send your platinum jewelry for a professional cleaning every once in a while, ensuring the jewelry has the best shine and lasts longer. Platinum jewelry with precious stones should be professionally cleaned every six months.

6, when placing platinum jewelry, carefully set it separately to prevent scratches with other jewelry.

Crystal jewelry care

crystal chain

1, sunlight degaussing cleaning method: as long as the crystal stone can be directly exposed to the sun, the irradiation time is about 30 minutes to 1 hour.


(1) SPAR in the sun will produce a focusing effect, such as placed near the SPAR paper or other combustible items; there will be a fire risk.

(2) If the color element of the crystal contains copper and iron, it is unsuitable for such cleaning methods because these substances are exposed to the sun for a long time; it will produce oxidation and thus make the crystal fade. Chromatics containing copper and iron include crystals such as red or purple.

2, sea salt leaching method: Put the crystal into a cup of sea salt water with an appropriate amount, and soak for three to four hours; you can dissolve the magnetic field around the crystal.


(1) If the SPAR is embedded in the metal to make ornaments, please first remove the SPAR from the metal before putting it into salt water immersion. Otherwise, it will affect the color and brightness of the surface of the metal.

(2) Please note that such cleaning methods may cause changes in the inclusions of SPAR after cleaning.

Alloy jewelry care

alloy chain

1, the same piece of jewelry should avoid worn all the time, especially in the hot summer, the jewelry coating long-term contact with sweat easy to corrosion, so it is best to wear it alternately

2, do not contact chemicals; jewelry is easy to damage. The aroma of bathing, chlorine gas in swimming, and salt in seawater will cause corrosion marks on the jewelry coating, so all accessories should be removed before bathing or swimming.

3, storage should be careful, do not overlap the jewelry; it should be stored in the original bag or the jewelry box with a small independent grid to avoid rubbing each other and wiping the surface.

4, clean your jewelry regularly.

K gold jewelry care

AU750 diamond ring pic

1, place each piece of K-gold jewelry independently in a different box to avoid scratching.

2, regularly clean K gold jewelry; the method is to soak K gold jewelry in warm soapy water, gently wipe off grease with a soft brush, rinse with water, and dry with a hair dryer. It can also be soaked in alcohol for a few minutes after removal; the general sweat and dirt will be volatilized with alcohol and then dried after rinsing water.

3, often wear K gold jewelry and accumulate sweat and dirt; you can use a toothbrush with neutral or commercial jewelry cleaning solution. Gently brush the bottom of the pedestal and the fine seam of the diamond; if you do not brush off the dirt, gems will be due to the overall transparency of the bottom and pale.

4, perfume, aerosol, and other chemicals will cause damage to K gold jewelry to avoid contact.

5, the general store provides ultrasonic cleaning, but before cleaning, carefully check whether the claw is loose; otherwise, it will be looser because of its high-frequency vibration, and the gemstone on the set will fall probability will increase.

6, Besides cleaning, the K gold surface will be covered with minor wear marks because of long-term friction. However, it also reduces the brightness; usually, with K gold cloth, light grinding k gold surface can have a polishing effect. However, it is best to make a polishing and proper plating treatment for 2-3 years; jewelry can restore luster.

7, do not wear K gold jewelry swimming; in addition to being easy to lose, salt water and chlorine water will also damage K gold jewelry.

Colored gemstone jewelry care

green gemstone ring

People have also loved colored gemstone jewelry, but the care of these stones is little known. Having simple care knowledge can not only extend the life of the stone but also make the stone shine as new.

1, zircon and Olivine can not be put together with other gems. Zircon and Olivine are gems formed in the underground high-temperature environment, which are brittle and have low hardness, so they are often difficult to make large gems due to too many cracks in the raw materials. The friction between the finished stones can also wear away the edges of the rocks. Zircon, Olivine can not meet heat; heat will increase its brittleness. Olivine is also afraid of acid, and long-term contact with acidic substances will cause the gem’s surface to be corroded and weaken its luster.

2, Topaz and Moonstone should avoid a collision because both have cleavage, and the gems are easily split in one direction after the crash. Hence, they are entirely or partially destroyed.

3, spinel and garnet are stones of medium hardness; generally only need to pay attention not to collide with each other.

4, the crystals should avoid contact with radioactive materials and heat sources. Crystal will change color under radioactive irradiation, and amethyst may become lighter when heated.

5, red sapphire is the easiest to protect colored gemstones in gemstone; these two gemstones have high hardness, medium toughness, and stable nature; as long as there is no violent collision and avoid high temperatures, it can be worn for a long time.

6, the hardness of tanzanite is 6.5-7; although it is not as hard as diamonds and red and blue jewels, the hardness is not low. Tanzanite has a hardness similar to that of emerald and is less brittle. When wearing, to avoid impact and complex objects friction, you should avoid ultrasonic cleaning and other cleaning methods that may cause wear; you can use a soft brush dipped in a small amount of low concentration of warm soapy water, gently wipe the gem surface, and then dry with a clean, soft cloth.

7, because of its beautiful color, turquoise is liked by many people. However, turquoise is an unstable gem, so its maintenance needs to be careful. The first is the need to wear often; turquoise in the wearing process will touch the body’s oil; this oil will form a thin layer of protective film on the surface of turquoise to prevent turquoise from losing water too quickly. It is recommended that once every two weeks, the turpentine is soaked in pure water and left for a day; then, it can be sealed and stored in a cool place. Finally, it is an anti-high temperature, anti-bump, anti-metal, anti-dyeing, and anti-chemical lotion.

8, the hardness of Lapis lazuli is very low and belongs to soft gems, so try to avoid impact and friction. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid contact with irritating substances and avoid washing with water to prevent lapis lazuli from exposure to the sun.

9, tourmaline is a soft luster gem, but the disadvantage is low hardness; brittleness is also vital. Therefore, wearing tourmaline made of jewelry should be careful not to rub and collide with other gems so as not to scratch. In addition, tourmaline has thermoelectric properties (so the scientific name tourmaline), after the sun irradiation or heat will produce static electricity and adsorption of some fine dust. Therefore, people who work in a dusty environment should pay attention to cleaning gems often with neutral cleaning fluids such as alcohol to maintain their luster and beauty. The tourmaline should also be avoided from overheating, as heat can sometimes change the color of the tourmaline.

Pearl jewelry care


The composition of pearl is calcium carbonate; It is chemically unstable, so it needs to be maintained from all aspects.

1, To make the luster and color of the pearl not affected, the pearl should avoid contact with acids, alkalis, and chemicals. Do not wear pearl jewelry while swimming or bathing.

2, there are tiny pores on the surface of the pearl, so it is not appropriate to let it inhale dirty substances in the air. Pearls absorb substances such as hair spray and perfume. So don’t wear pretty pearls to the hair salon;  Do not wear beautiful pearls cooking, steam, and smoke may penetrate the pearl, making the pearl yellow.

3, each time after wearing, the pearl must be wiped clean before putting it away; you can maintain the luster of the pearl. It is best to use sheepskin or fine velvet cloth, does not use facial paper because some facial paper friction will wear the pearl.

4, do not clean the pearl necklace with water. Water can enter the small hole of the bead, making it difficult to wipe dry, but it may also cause fermentation inside, and the dot may also turn green. If you sweat a lot while wearing it, you can use a soft wet towel to carefully wipe it off, dry it naturally and then put it back in the jewelry box. After the pearl turns yellow, it can be remedied by soaking it in diluted hydrochloric acid, which can dissolve the yellow shell and make the pearl reproduce a brilliant and charming color. But if the color turns too yellow, it is challenging to reverse.

5, Do not keep pearls in the safe for long, and do not use plastic bags to seal them. Pearls need fresh air and are taken out and worn every few months so they can breathe. Pearls turn yellow quickly if left in a box for a long time.

6, Because pearls contain a certain amount of water, pearls should be placed in the shade, avoid direct exposure to the sun, or placed in too-dry places to prevent dehydration of pearls.

7, Store the pearl jewelry separately to prevent other jewelry from scratching the pearl skin. If you plan to wear the bead chain on the top of the clothing, the dress’s texture should be soft and smooth. Material that is too rough may scratch your precious pearls.

8, Do not hang the pearl necklace for long; the silk will relax and deform and should be placed flat.

9, Pearl silk is easy to lose for a long time and can last 1 to 2 years. Regularly check whether the silk is loose and replace the silk; Pearls are best restrung every three years, depending on the number of times they are worn. Dirt entering the pearl hole will create friction, causing the thread to break.

Red coral jewelry care

organic gemstone jewelry

Red coral is the only living creature in the jewelry, red coral from the ocean’s depths, not dazzling, not flamboyant, but very charming.

1, Coral hardness is not high, and easy to be scratched by complex objects, leaving scratches. Try to avoid heavy hits and collisions to avoid stone damage. When stored, it should be wrapped in a soft cloth and placed correctly in a soft padded box.

2, avoid contact with chemicals, acids, alkaline liquids, and perfume.

3, Coral contains a small amount of water to avoid excessive drying caused by water loss, resulting in cracking. Avoid heat baking and exposure to the hot sun; do not be placed in a humid environment for long. Because coral contains some organic matter, long-term humidity can lead to mildew and even moth decay. Often soak water, wipe oil, and gloss forever.

4, prepare multiple pieces of coral jewelry according to the seasons; only sometimes wear a piece of coral jewelry.

5, no inlaid red coral necklace, bracelet, or pendant chain all year round wear is good for promoting blood health.

6, if the coral jewelry worn for a long time is contaminated, remember not to use liquid soap, dishwashing liquid cleaning, can be used warm water, or neutral detergent to clean, and then gently wipe it with soft sheepskin or velvet cloth and put it in the shade to let it dry naturally. If there is a slight roughness or loss of light on the surface, you can dip in some wax and wipe back and forth in the corresponding part, which can play the effect of filling light.

Amber jewelry care

amber ring

1, due to the low hardness of amber itself, we must not store amber, diamonds, and other sharp jewelry together; we should store amber separately.

2, avoid the knock-on amber jewelry, so the damage to amber will be very large.

3, if you do not wear amber jewelry for a long time, do not use a toothbrush to brush the surface of the amber because friction will make the surface of the amber rough and lose its original luster. Our correct approach should be to soak the amber in warm water at 30-40 degrees for 2-3 minutes and then dry it with a soft cloth.

4, try to avoid solid light irradiation; the available sunlight and light irradiation are completely no problem because the melting point of amber is relatively low; if there is fire around, do not let amber in close contact.

5, if the amber is rough due to friction, then we should have a little toothpaste on the surface, and then wipe with a soft cloth, and finally clean it with a soft cloth with water, and then apply a little olive oil on it to restore the original luster.

Beeswax jewelry care

beeswax bracelet

1, the hardness of beeswax is low; it can not violently collide with other complex objects. Otherwise, it is easy to break the beeswax. The purification of beeswax is essential; that is, the beeswax is all cleaned again with water; adding some salt to it will be better; soak it in water for 15 minutes to half an hour and take it out with a soft cotton cloth to dry.

2, to make the surface of the beeswax has a more moving luster, it should be worn often; long-term wearing will cause the coating gloss of the beeswax to become thicker and more bright so that it is greasy.

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