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How to build a successful jewelry store:Ultimate guide


Although the global market has been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the jewelry market has maintained good growth in recent years, so many investors pay attention to the jewelry industry. What should be paid attention to when opening jewelry stores? How to open a successful jewelry shop?

First, the external conditions that the jewelry store must have


1. Geographical location of jewelry stores

The location of a jewelry store is closely related to the sales of jewelry. The most obvious is the geographical location, which directly affects the size of customer flow. Therefore, many jewelers choose some busy roads in cities or famous tourist attractions to open jewelry stores. To attract more customers into the store to visit and buy.

2. jewelry shop facade decoration

Facade decoration is used to identify a store, attract business, deepen consumers’ impression of the store, and play the role of advertising. Consumers ‘ visual stimulation and psychology will significantly impact signs with a high degree of generality and strong influence.

A good facade can serve the following purposes:

(1) attract the attention and interest of consumers: some innovative and unique forms of artistic and pictorial, and cultural literacy signs can quickly catch the visual vision of consumers, give people the enjoyment of beauty, induce strong interest and rich imagination.

(2) to strengthen the memory is easy to spread: some unique design, easy to read and remember signs, can leave a deep impression on consumers, widely distributed in consumers, play the role of commercial advertising.

3. The surrounding environment of the jewelry store

The atmosphere around the jewelry store can affect consumers’ recognition of the shopping environment, and may also affect consumers’ shopping convenience. Suppose there are relatively concentrated stores selling the same kind of goods. In that case, they can influence and interact, creating an effect of scale (also known as the Matthew effect).

4. jewelry store internal counter layout requirements

(1) it is convenient for consumers to watch and buy;

(2) Facilitate the display of goods;

(3) Coordinated with the overall shopping environment;

(4) actions to facilitate consumers;

(5) facilitate the salesperson to take the goods;

(6) Can effectively use the space to increase the opportunity to display the goods sold.

(7) Jewelry products operated by jewelry stores are rare and expensive goods with unique functions. Generally, the prices are relatively high. When consumers buy such goods, they are usually willing to spend more time. Perhaps they have carefully considered the purchase before making the corresponding purchase plan and then take the purchase behavior. Therefore, the goods displayed inside must also be neatly placed to show the personality characteristics, beauty, and texture fully. Of jewelry products and enhance consumers’ sense of trust in the goods sold in the store.

5. Color matching in jewelry stores

Different colors can cause people other associations, produce different heart experiences. Color allocation is too gorgeous and will make people feel unsafe and emotionally irritable. Color allocation too plain will make people feel tired and low mood. Therefore, whether the interior decoration color allocation is appropriate and pleasant is of great significance to the purchasing behavior of consumers and the emotional adjustment of salespeople at work. Color deployment is proper, can promote the purchase desire of consumers, get twice the result with half the effort.

6. Lighting inside the jewelry store

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The interior lighting of a jewelry store can be divided into essential lighting, special lighting, and decorative lighting. Basic lighting is a lighting system set up to ensure that consumers can see and identify goods. It is generally arranged on the ceiling of the store with white lighting as the main lighting. In addition to essential lighting to consumers to identify commodity department lighting, the different intensities of important lighting can also affect people’s shopping atmosphere. 

And special lighting is usually to increase the brightness of the jewelry counter configuration, often use the counter and counter above the spotlight and other equipment directional lighting. Configure such illume system, conduce to the consumer to appreciate not only, choose comparison. And can show the bead that gives gem product is magnificent. Add the burnish itself to a peculiar place with a gem. The effect that hand in photograph reflects provides the consumer with rare noble psychology feeling. In the design of special lighting, jewelry’s particularity can be considered because most gems are colored. Therefore, colored lighting should be avoided to illuminate rocks and not change the color of gems and affect consumers’ purchasing behavior.

In short, the design of appropriate lighting system for the store is to show the store appearance, establish the store image, publicity store, attract customers, convenient purchase indispensable measures.

7.POP advertising Settings

POP is the Abbreviation of Point of Purchase. All the advertisements that can promote sales in stores fall within the scope of POP, which can convey commodity information and activity information on behalf of salespeople. Well-crafted POP ads are the best tools to drive consumer buying behavior.POP advertisements are set up at the shopping scene, which helps to arouse consumers’ subconscious memory of goods. It can also pass a lot of commodity information to consumers, virtually playing the role of salesman; Beautiful POP advertisements can also beautify the shopping environment. Many modern commercial enterprises are designing exquisite POP advertisements. 

Two, the jewelry store must have the internal conditions


The interior conditions include the salespeople of the jewelry store and the marketing strategy of the jewelry store.

1. The importance of salespeople in jewelry stores

jewelry store sales of jewelry mainly through the assistant of labor and technical service work to realize. As well as the communication between customers to learn, the assistant of this kind of labor is the critical link in the jewelry marketing activities, no matter how neat. Beautiful, the appearance of the store inside how comfortable and elegant environment, to achieve jewelry sales, Are inseparable from the jewelry shop assistant this particular labor.

Because the salesperson is in a complex and active trading environment, they contact various consumers. The salesperson’s self-cultivation, business ability, family environment, personality characteristics, and other factors often affect their work psychology and behavior. Therefore, for the operation and management of the store, in addition to considering the external factors affecting the psychological state and business behavior of salespeople in marketing activities, it is necessary to study its internal factors and purposefully mobilize the enthusiasm of salespeople to train their good psychological quality and promote sales work.

And a perfect jewelry store must have a group of excellent sales staff, including general sales staff and senior sales managers.

(1) For the general requirements of the salesperson is: dress neatly, standard; Good language skills; Strong communication skills; Also have a solid psychological capacity; At the same time, they should have specific jewelry knowledge and better conditions. Its working authority is: to carry on the marketing of the jewelry and jade goods of the store, to discount the goods within the scope stipulated by the manager, and to be responsible for the placement, counting, and calculation of the goods in the cabinet.

(2) As for senior sales managers, they should have the ability to analyze and solve problems independently while having the characteristics of general sales staff. The specific performance is accurate identification, evaluation, and pricing of jewelry and jade; timely dealing with some jewelry store emergencies.

(3) Manager’s rights: purchase, pricing, discount, delivery, personnel management, etc.

2. Marketing strategy is the essential part of a jewelry store


Jewelry marketing, as a commercial activity, naturally follow the general rules of commercial activities. However, jewelry culture plays a vital role in jewelry marketing. We can regard jewelry culture as an essential strategy or skill in jewelry marketing.

(1) Carry out diversified sales promotion activities with innovative characteristics

We can often see many promotional activities of jewelry stores, or around the price of publicity and promotion, stereotypical, no new ideas. It is challenging to attract the attention and interest of consumers, so it is not easy to obtain the actual promotion effect. If we can design a transparent theme with a novel and unique idea, we will get twice the result with half the effort.

(2)Advertising and related activities are the basis of sales promotion

Open jewelry professional knowledge in the shop regularly lectures, jewelry or invited experts, scholars, sitting on the judgment seat to answer the doubts in the process of a consumer is buying or hiring authority, or independent jewelry product quality certification, these are all the jewelry store in the process of marketing activities, by consumers by way of public relations activities.

(3) Comprehensively improve service quality according to the needs of consumers

Jewelry promotion is not only the wishful thinking of store owners. When consumers buy jewelry products, they will consider other factors besides quality and price, among which service is the most important. Therefore, it is the core of successful jewelry marketing activities to consider what consumers want and provide various services. High-quality service has become an essential means for merchants to compete. In modern commodity marketing activities, in addition to value physical products, consumers of additional products are also very important. Added value to the size of the product, tend to be consumers evaluate his (her) feel after purchase, and whether it can give the key to bring more repeat sales.

You can give the free cleaning, maintenance, and maintenance of diamond jewelry, smaller instruments. You can also establish archives for consumers to conduct regular reviews, information distribution. 

 And you can be awarded the honor to clients. Customers make consumers get from the psychological and material benefit the absolute satisfaction.

(4) Use public figures to enhance the image of jewelry

In the marketing activities of jewelry stores, the celebrity effect of public figures can be fully utilized. The idea of jewelry products can be improved through the vision established by a person or an organization in society. Celebrity influence is intangible, but it can make a particular product public to generate publicity and sensation.

Three, you can know the construction of the development of jewelry stores and the knowledge of the operation of jewelry stores.


1. The preparation and dredging of purchasing and selling channels for jewelry stores.

Generally speaking, open jewelry store, purchase channel is effortless. As long as you open a jewelry store, a little reputation will naturally be door-to-door delivery, but the price has to see itself. A little reputation will naturally be door-to-door delivery requires that there must be excellent jewelry jade appraisal knowledge and better eloquence.

2. Sales channels and big travel agencies and tour guides have a good relationship

because jewelry and jade in some places to a large extent are tourism goods. With their support and collaboration, it is equal to the source of tourists; Had much guest source, be similar to had economic benefit.

3. Pricing of jewelry products in jewelry stores

A scientific and reasonable pricing method can make your jewelry store profit. Pricing because of the low purchase price plus taxes, salesclerk commission, tour guide commission, and other costs at the same time can be discounted rate. 

4. Operating costs of jewelry stores

The cost here refers to the minimum theoretical price: the minimum wage of employees + other necessary expenses. Employee salary is general basic salary plus commission. The commission distribution is: available sales staff accounted for 2% of their sales; Managers account for 1-1.5% of total store sales; Accounting personnel account for 0.5-1% of total sales in the mall.

5. Some items that a jewelry store must have

(1) Sales certificate; This is consumer consumption, and the critical evidence of the outstanding achievement of assessment salesperson, above it, clearly indicated the price of the commodity that sells, quantity, time, and salesperson. It is in triplicate: the first is accounting, by the ark to yourself as a basis for the next day when clearing the goods, the stub, kept by the financial, as a sales commission based on calculation, at the end of the third middle consumer vouchers, supported by the consumers themselves, as a consumer of credentials, so the first triple to do some special, with functions of advertising.

(2) “discount card”: on the surface, it is a kind of card that merchants use as a preferential measure to attract consumers. Its most important function is the name of the hidden travel team; businesses only know the specific number.

(3) Quality guarantee card:The symbol assures consumer rights, has the effect of the guarantee certificate. It is practical proof that consumer returns goods later, must specific anti-counterfeit technology and professional knowledge.

In short, for the marketing and sales of jewelry stores, good service, good products, good reputation, good quality, and reasonable price are the enduring “truth.”


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