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Pay attention to when buying rubies jewelry

Although the ruby is beautiful, it is also delicate, so every collector who wants to buy ruby jewelry must understand the nature of the ruby and carefully maintain it to keep it in the best condition over the years. So, how should we choose ruby jewelry? What maintenance and cleaning tips can make your ruby jewelry shine brightly for a long time?

First, understand the nature of ruby

gold ruby ring

Ruby refers to the color of red corundum, belongs to the corundum group of minerals, tripartite crystal system, the main component is aluminum oxide (Al2O3), the Mohs hardness of ruby is 9, second only to diamond, but at the same time as brittleness, which means that although the ruby is not easily worn, it is easy to break due to external impact.

Second, how to choose a ruby

18K rose gold ruby pendant

1. Choose a legitimate brand

When buying ruby jewelry, choosing reputable brands and merchants is recommended to ensure that the stones purchased are good quality. At the same time, the purchase should also ask the merchant for the relevant maintenance guide and gemstone identification certificate.

2. Identify the heat treatment process

When purchasing ruby jewelry, it is recommended to choose the non-burning or old-burning heat treatment process for ruby; compared with other heat treatment processes, the old-burning process can maximize the color of the ruby without changing the natural state of the gem, making the ruby fire color more bright.

Third, daily wear maintenance instructions

18k white gold ruby ring

1. Remove when appropriate

When wearing ruby jewelry in a particular environment, it is best to replace or remove it, such as when washing hands, taking a bath, doing housework, and swimming, to avoid damage to the gem.

2. Wear makeup first to prevent acid and alkali

Daily use of cosmetics should try to avoid contamination of jewelry; daily wear should first apply makeup and perfume, then wear jewelry to prevent high concentrations of cosmetics or perfume from directly contacting the surface of the jewelry.

3. Don’t store jewelry together

Refrain from placing ruby jewelry and other jewelry in the same drawer or jewelry box. Because of the hardness of various gems and metals, they will wear because of friction.

4. Regularly check whether the Mosaic is firm

When wearing jewelry (especially infinity set and micro-set jewelry), you should check once a month for a loose Mosaic phenomenon to repair it as soon as possible to prevent a large area of gem loss.

5. Jewelry matching skills

They should avoid rubbing and colliding when matching ruby with diamonds, gold, and other jewelry. We prevent scratches or cracks in ruby jewelry; wearing it before dressing up with different accessories is best.

Fourth, jewelry cleaning methods

Oval ruby bracelet

1. Cold water immersion method

Cleaning with a neutral PH (PH=7) soapy water and a soft brush is the easiest way to clean the jewelry. After cleaning, it can be put on a lint-free towel to air dry, with a wax-free dental floss or toothpick can remove the dirt on the gems and between the claw

2. Thorough cleaning method

Rubies can be cleaned with salt water. After a ruby is immersed in salt water, it can be taken out and air dry or wiped clean with a dry towel.

Cleaning precautions

Oval ruby bracelet

1. Do not use bleaching water to clean gems; chlorine in bleaching water will make the alloy pit marks and decompose the alloy;

2. Do not use abrasive washing powder, detergent, and toothpaste to clean gems;

3. Do not wash the gemstone in detergent or acid solvent;

4. It is best to go to the jewelry store every six months for “maintenance” to ensure that the luster of the gem is permanent;

5. Carefully clean with an ultrasonic cleaning machine to prevent gems from falling off.


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