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What is the difference between Akoya freshwater pearls and Akoya seawater pearls?

1. The mother shell is different


Although both freshwater and saltwater Akoya pearls are nucleated, the well-known saltwater Akoya pearls are from the Mabe shell, while the freshwater Akoya pearls are from the hydra cumingii.

2. Different gloss


The shine of high-quality freshwater Akoya pearls is perfect, comparable to seawater Akoya pearls. However, the comparison of seawater Akoya pearls is different, especially when the two kinds of pearls are combined. It can be seen that seawater Akoya pearls are brighter than freshwater Akoya pearls, and freshwater Akoya pearls are more lustrous than seawater Akoya pearls.

3. Different life spans

Akoya pearls are known for their thin, shiny layers. However, the Akoya pearl will remain bright if the care is good and the bead layer is not damaged. However, freshwater Akoya pearls are different, and the freshwater Akoya pearls currently on the market lose their luster faster than seawater Akoya pearls, which is related to the environment in which they grow because the skin of Akoya pearls in seawater is firmer and more delicate. The growth time of Akoya pearls in seawater is longer than that of Akoya pearls in freshwater.

4. Different colors


The color of freshwater Akoya pearls is mainly white, gray, orange, and purple. The color of seawater Akoya pearls is primarily white, gold, black, and silver-blue.

5. Different growth environment


Freshwater Akoya pearls grow in relatively closed waters, mainly from rivers or lakes. Seawater Akoya pearls are found in open water, with more nutrients and plankton.

6. Different yields


The cultured seawater Akoya pearl of the Mabe shell can only be inserted into one pearl core; Freshwater Akoya pearls, on the other hand, usually have multiple nuclei inserted into them.

7. The later grinding and polishing process is different


Seawater Akoya pearls are produced mainly in Japan, and Japan’s pearl optimization treatment technology is at the world’s leading level. Their pearl polishing and optimization treatment technology for freshwater Akoya pearls is higher than in other countries.

Finally, which Akoya pearl to choose?

On this point, I can choose according to my own needs and budget. If you have budget constraints, you can select high-quality freshwater Akoya pearls because they are not inferior to ordinary seawater Akoya pearls and are much more affordable. However, for those who have quality requirements and need collection value, it is recommended to choose seawater Akoya pearls.


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