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What is 5D hard gold jewelry ?

5D had gold wavy braclet

5D gold is based on 3D hard gold, adding cyanide-free technology electroforming. The hardness of 3D hard gold is two times that of traditional gold, 5D hard gold is three times that of conventional gold, and 5D hard gold is 1.5 times that of 3D hard gold. Therefore, 5D hard gold is more complex than 3D hard gold; the product can be made thinner and more prominent; the increase in hardness makes the gold jewelry more wear-resistant, and the surface is not easy to wear and scratch. It reduces the weight of gold by 30%. Hence, the 5D hard gold is very convenient to wear on the body without any heavy feeling.

What process is used to make 5D hard gold?

5D hard gold heart pendant

5D hard gold is an innovative cyanide-free environmental protection complex gold technology; the production process used in the 5D process is also known as the 5D cyanide-free process; the production method is to set the corresponding mold above the hanging cage and then put the dependent pen in the bucket. After electroforming, a layer of gold is plated on the surface of the mold. Finally, the internal mold is removed to form hollow 5D hard gold. Compared with 3D hard gold, the advantages are apparent: lighter, stiffer, brighter, more wear-resistant, and more environmentally friendly. Gold gives higher wear resistance but also reduces the weight of gold by 30%.

Why 5D hard gold is environmental protection?

5D hard gold plain bracelet

Because 5D hard gold improves the production process based on 3D hard gold, the electroplating potion does not contain cyanide, so it is also called 5D cyanide-free gold. Cyanide-free methods can significantly reduce environmental pollution, water consumption, and the impact on ecosystems and biodiversity, so they are environmentally friendly. At the same time, the cyanide-free process also dramatically reduces the risk of the operator’s exposure to toxic cyanide and improves the safety of the operation. Compared with the traditional electroplating process, cyanide-free electroplating has higher production efficiency, can significantly shorten production time and improve production efficiency. Because cyanide-free electroplating has good stability and plasticity, it can reduce the reject rate and improve the product quality. Although the coating performance and corrosion resistance of cyanide-free electroplating may be lower than that of traditional electroplating, the operating cost of cyanide-free electroplating is lower because its energy consumption and material consumption are relatively small, in all aspects, 5D hard gold is another step upgrade of gold technology.

Is 5D hard gold worth buying?

5D hard gold electric black stud earrings

5D hard gold, a new type of gold technology, is also pure gold 999.0‰; its hardness is high and bright like a mirror, and the texture can be comparable to 18K gold. Strong wear resistance is not easy to deform and scratch; no dirt is easy to maintain. The product is elastic, easy to bend and fracture, and has good oxidation resistance. The emergence of this process makes the jewelry have higher hardness and a stronger three-dimensional sense! Because the hardness is high, the shape is more significant. The number of grams is light, the same size as the product. 5D hard gold is one-third softer than 3D hard gold, and the price is low but higher, which is very popular with young people. After the style is outdated, it can be stored or recycled, will not affect the purity of gold, and is worth buying.


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