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5 differences between red diamonds and rubies

Ruby and red diamonds are entirely different kinds of jewelry. Ruby refers to red corundum, and red diamond refers to red diamond.

Red diamonds and rubies are very precious in jade jewellery. They are not only expensive, but collection and ornamental value are also far more than other jewellery. Red diamonds and rubies are highly similar in some types and colours, making it difficult for many ordinary people to choose to buy them. It is easy to confuse them, leading to possible losses when purchasing them.

What is the difference between a red diamond and a ruby?Here are five points

1. The colour. 

18k white gold of ruby ring

Although red diamonds and rubies are both red, there is a big difference between the two. Red diamonds, also known as light red spar, are relatively golden, reddish to pink or purplish, and traditional bright red. On the other hand, rubies come in a variety of colours, ranging from bright red to dark red to fuchsia to all shades of red. Pigeon blood is scarce. 

2. The hardness  

red diamond of gold ring

The hardness of a red diamond is 10, which is the highest in jade jewellery. Ruby, as red corundum, is less complicated than diamonds and has a Mohs hardness of 9. 

3.The Value    

18K rose gold ruby clover pendent

Rubies are also quite different from red diamonds. Red diamonds are far more valuable and expensive than rubies. Red diamonds are rarer than rubies, plus red diamonds are more popular than rubies, so rubies are a little less helpful in this regard. However, for individuals, the prices of rubies and red diamonds are affected by transparency, carat weight and clarity, and the difference between them needs to be determined according to specific circumstances. 

4. Formation of rock layers

18K white gold ruby bracelet

Ruby is mainly formed in igneous rock or metamorphic rock areas, diamond is formed primarily in more alkaline ultra-basic volcanic rock (kimberlite) and a more alkaline magnesian volcanic rock (potassium magnesium lamprophyre) containing a lot of volatile components such as carbonate gas.

5. In terms of stock

 ruby link of 18K white gold

Red diamond is a sporadic existence. The average person is often cut, and even the master makes it hard to see the reality. In contrast, the stock and production of rubies are much larger, and the production area is relatively wide.

Of course, for many professional collectors, both rubies and red diamonds are valuable. Welcome to customize your own jewelry


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