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How to measure ring size?

European ring size comparison table(#40-#75)
European ring size chart

Every woman desires to be perfect and noble, and a diamond ring may make her more charming at this moment. In our daily life, there are many people although wearing a ring, but do not know their ring size is how much, let alone how to measure the size of the ring. 

Why do you need to know your ring size?

(1) All jewellers want their customers to know their size and to be able to tell what size they want without any difficulty. In this way, the whole purchase process is simple and does not have to worry about return and exchange because the size is not suitable.

(2) With the upgrade of consumption, more and more people start to buy jewellery online. People will feel insecure if they can’t try it on. But even going to a physical store can help you figure out your size in the same way. And you could face the dilemma of trying on many rings but not buying them.

(3) When jewellery is tailored to the wearer, it’s a beautiful thing to wear a ring that fits perfectly.

3 ways to measure your ring size

1. Diameter measurement

(1) Place your palm flat on a table and use a ruler to measure your ring finger. Note the scales on the edges of each finger to determine the diameter of the finger.

(2) Then, you can determine the size of your ring by the size mapping table! Ring sizing is an essential step for ring buyers.

Diameter measurement finger size and ring size image
1.Existing ring inside diameter measurement 2.Ring finger diameter measurement

Of course, one drawback of this method is that the measured size may be biased, so it is recommended to buy a larger or smaller size.

2. Perimeter measurement

(1) First of all, the tools ready, need to use is a ruler, a pair of scissors, a piece of paper, the paper needs to cut out about two centimetres of width, a pen.

(2) Then, wrap the slip of paper around the inner circle of the ring. Make a deep mark at the junction of the title of the article with a pen. Finally, please take off the slip of paper and flatten it out to measure the distance between the two points with a ruler.

(3) It is worth noting that we measure the inner diameter of the ring. It is impossible to wrap the slip of paper on the ring’s outer ring because we all know that the call is thick. If measuring the outer ring will have a significant error.

(4) If you want the measurement result to be more accurate, you can take the average value of the data several times to close to the more precise number.

ring measurement method image
Step1: Cut a strip of paper about 8 inches long and 0.5 inches wide and wrap it around your finger
Step2: Make the strip fit tightly to your fingers, avoiding too loose or too tight
Step3: Underline where the strips meet
Step 4: Smooth the strip, measure the length and record the data
Step 5: Repeat the above steps, take several measurements and take the average

3.Ring stick measurement

(1) tools: a ring stick and ring circle

(2) measurement method: the ring circle one by one on the finger, until find the appropriate ring circle, ring stick into the ring circle, you can get the appropriate ring number

tools of ring stick measurement image
From left to right are ring stick and ring circle

Matters needing attention

(1) Everyone has different left and right hands. The average person left hand is small, suggest to measure respectively left and right hand, sometimes the difference is not slight.

There are also differences between different positions of the same finger. Some people have big joints but thin fingers. When buying a ring, the rule of thumb: if you have been wearing a ring for a long time, the end of the finger should prevail. If it is a prominent fashion ring and so on, you can buy a little bigger one to take off and wear.

(2) Measure the ring size and choose the right time. Many people may find it strange that they have to pick a time to take a measurement, but it’s true. Just as heat causes an object to expand and a cold causes it to contract, the human body changes with the seasons. So in the winter, the measurement of the size of the finger will be small, so choose a diamond ring that will be a bit bigger than the summer ring that is not worn on the embarrassment.

(3) When measuring, do not tighten or loosen too much, which will lead to inaccurate measurement.

After wearing for a period, how to do the size is not suitable?

1. Resize your ring

After the ring had worn because it became fat or thin, discover ring size is inappropriate, you can ask this time still can change ring size? Of course. The general jewellery business will offer to change the ring size service. The likelihood needs to pay a few fees in the process that adjusts size nevertheless, fill for the instance price difference.

2. Trade small for big

Now some jewellery shops still provide small change big service, makeup qi price difference can change the diamond ring style that he wants. So women and men who have a crush on their rings should not worry too much.

Personal advice

When we buy a ring, we must choose the most suitable ring size, because it will not be too fluffy or too tight blood flow, wear it to make people feel comfortable. Above is about the ring how to measure the relevant content of the introduction. I hope to help you.


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