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Six common types of diamond ring materials for wedding

The first one: silver-white 18K gold

18K white gold diamond ring pic

It is a gold alloy with a gold content of 750‰; the surface color is silvery white. The main reason the surface of white K gold is silvery white is that the surface is plated with a layer of metal, “rhodium.”

The advantages of white gold are:

1.High-strength material, can make a variety of complex and changeable styles.

2.The same material composition as yellow and red karat gold makes it possible to make color combinations.

3.The process is mature so that it can make the style with small matching stones and small matching diamonds

4.White K-gold is silver-white, so it does not affect the color performance of diamonds and is suitable for the diamond setting of various colors.

The disadvantages of white K gold are:Jewelry technology is not mature, period. It may appear discolored, mainly because the original color of white K gold is yellow, and the surface of the plating “rhodium” wear will reveal the character of the actual color, so the color is off or discolored the situation. However, the current jewelry technology has solved this problem.

The second type: Golden yellow 18K gold

18K yellow gold diamond ring pic

Golden yellow 18K gold is a gold alloy with a gold content of 750‰; the color is golden yellow.

The advantages of golden yellow 18K gold are similar to those of silver-white 18K gold, and two more benefits are

1.Yellow 18K gold will not change color. The original color is golden yellow.

2.Used for setting yellow diamonds, is particularly good. It can reflect the color of yellow diamonds, making the color of yellow diamonds more brilliant.

The disadvantage of gold 18 karat gold is:Set with white diamonds is not suitable because the golden yellow ring will make the color of white diamonds look yellow luster, so you can get in the market in addition to yellow diamond rings with gold 18 karat gold, other diamonds you can hardly see the figure of gold 18 karat gold. After all, diamonds are beautiful in white, except for the fancy-colored diamond series. Very few diamonds of high color are set in yellow 18K gold. (Even if there is yellow 18K gold inlay, it is mostly no central diamond, just some tiny diamond group setting style)

The third kind: is rose gold 18K gold

18K rose gold diamond ring pic

The gold content of 750 ‰ gold alloy is golden pink.

The advantages of rose gold 18K gold and silver white 18K gold are similar; in addition, there is another advantage: rose gold 18K gold is more suitable for young people, so you can see a variety of creative, rich young wedding ring styles on the market, these are aimed at the young market.

The disadvantage of rose gold 18K gold is similar to that of gold 18K gold, which is unsuitable for white diamond setting.

In fact, like the rose gold 18K gold, gold 18K gold, this kind of setting material, in doing diamond grading, is more disadvantageous because, after all, the color is here, no matter how fair, more or less will be affected by the point.

The fourth kind: platinum Pt950

pt950 diamond ring pic

Platinum alloy with a platinum content of 950‰; is the most common platinum material used in wedding and diamond rings.

The advantages of Pt950 are:

1.Pt950 is silvery white, so it will not affect the color performance of the diamond, and it is suitable for all colors of diamond setting.

2.Pt950 will not fade, although the performance is also plated with the metal “rhodium,” but the body color of Pt950 is silver-white.

3.Pt950 is friendly to people who are allergic (although there are very few people who are allergic to K gold)

The disadvantages of Pt950 are:

1.The strength of Pt950 is relatively low, unsuitable for complicated styles, and the wedding ring is prone to deformation if the material used is not solid enough.

2.Pt950 is relatively low in strength and unsuitable for styles with small matching diamonds. Otherwise, it will quickly drop small diamonds.

3.Pt950 strength is relatively low. Although there will be no discoloration, it is easy to wear for two or three years on the surface wear, becomes frizzy and has no luster.

The fifth type: Platinum Pt900

pt900 diamond ring pic

Platinum alloy with a platinum content of 900‰; advantages and disadvantages and Pt950 are the same; strength is slightly higher than Pt950. But Pt900 with very few brands, and domestic jewelry brands with Pt900 more also on the Chow Sang Sang!

The sixth kind: 9K, 10K, 14K gold

14K gold diamond ring pic

9K, 10K, and 14K gold in the Chinese jewelry market is relatively rare and more common in Europe and the United States. Because the gold content is low, the production cost is not down, and Chinese people are concerned about the collection value, so they generally do not use 9K, 10K, or 14K gold as wedding ring material. As Chinese jewelry manufacturers, we make 9K, 10K, and 14K gold, basically for foreign trade export.


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