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Why use K gold in jewelry settings?

1. The characteristics of K gold itself

18K gold four-leaf clover diamond bracelet pic
18K gold four-leaf clover diamond bracelet

K gold has high hardness, slight toughness, high brightness, not easy to deformation, and not easy to wear. Because of its hardness and wear, resistance can more firmly fix all kinds of gems.

2. The manufacturing process of K gold

18 karat rose gold earrings with diamonds pic
18 karat rose gold earrings with diamonds

K gold process requirements are higher than solid gold, to go through more than ten processes (such as pressing block, wire drawing, heat treatment, electroplating ); therefore, the jewelry needs meticulous artistry, fresh appearance, smooth surface, and a strong sense of light. Pure gold processing is relatively simple; general manual workshops can process. K gold processing is complex, often needs large machinery and precision instruments, processing personnel is more professional than solid gold, and cost and management costs increase. In addition, the ratio of raw materials is also vital in gold, and pure gold is not so high as K gold.

3. K gold has a variety of styles

18K rose gold diamond bracelet pic
18K rose gold diamond bracelet

Compared with gold and Platinum, K gold has more styles and is more adaptable to the process. Some platinum can do what k gold can, and some k gold can do what Platinum can not. Due to the strength and flexibility of K gold’s low melting point, it is easy to shape so that it can create different styles and be a more peaceful, rich transfer of fashion information. Platinum has a relatively more minor style and wears faster than K gold (because Platinum is soft). Due to the rigid material, K gold jewelry design wears for a long time, so more emphasis on its artistry, design needs professionals. Pure gold’s popular range is narrow; most of the traditional style does not need too many designers.

4. K gold comes in a variety of colors

18K gold horseshoe buckle diamond bracelet pic
18K gold horseshoe buckle diamond bracelet

There are many kinds of k gold colors, and different colors can change form according to different metal ratios to meet the needs of customers who like different colors. Wear k gold jewelry fashion and highlight personality, simple but not monotonous.

5. K gold works well as jewelry

18K gold and diamond earracket pic
18K gold and diamond earracket

Because K gold has different styles and colors, it is easier to match with different colors and styles of fashion and play a better effect. In addition, K Gold is suitable for different ages, skin colors, and hairstyle consumer groups, a wide choice.

6. K gold is trendy in the world

18K rose gold half full diamond bracelet pic
18K rose gold half full diamond bracelet

K gold is the international popular new jewelry, on behalf of fashion, avant-garde, quality, charm, highlighting the personality, its fine technology, modeling changes, full of European style. Compared with Platinum, more can be in line with international popularity, representing a modern woman’s self-confidence, ease, and elegance. Platinum has not been the mainstream market. Nowadays, consumers’ consumption concepts and aesthetic tastes have undergone significant changes. The value preservation of jewelry products is becoming less and less, and more and more need to reflect the artistic value and taste. K-gold is just an outstanding representative of this trend.

7. K gold is affordable

18K gold Liberty gold coin diamond Emerald pendant necklace pic
18K gold Liberty gold coin diamond Emerald pendant necklace

Compared with Platinum, k gold is more affordable. K gold not only wins with the price, and color and luster is bright and elegant, abound change, suit the fashionable personage with the changeable character more, let them have bigger space when showing oneself individual character.

8. K gold is adorable in appearance

18K platinum stereoscopic snakehead diamond earrings pic
18K platinum stereoscopic snakehead diamond earrings

K gold is more beautiful than Platinum, angular, elegant shape, and has a strong sense of internal light (K gold necklace is especially suitable for diamond pendant match). Clothing changes are also one of the reasons why k-gold products are selling like hot cakes. White jewelry plays a role in the article. This requirement cannot comprehensively satisfy dress change; it appears very drab. And k-gold products are changeable colors and can keep up with the changing pace of fashion. Some designers say that some of their products are designed with the trend of popular fashion because a piece of jewelry is not an independent individual, so the development of gold products and the use of gold are because of its changeable can be widely used. In addition, it is hard, not easy to wear, so the gloss and pattern of a long time. Fine gold is not easy to maintain delicate patterns and patterns.

9. K gold has the advantage of conveying emotion

18K platinum diamond sliding necklace pic
18K platinum diamond sliding necklace

Men’s purchase of gold for women can highlight modern women’s fashion, independence, self-confidence, and better foil their inner temperament and taste, as well as convey women’s inner delicate emotions.

10. K gold maintenance is convenient

18K gold and south pacific gold pearl pendant inlaid with diamond pic
18K gold and south pacific gold pearl pendant inlaid with diamond

K gold looks soft, but in fact, it is fragile. It prevents weaving loose or breaking caused by rubbing, pulling, and folding. Therefore, when taking a bath, sleeping, and doing housework, you should take off K gold jewelry to avoid scratching, and also prevent contact with cosmetics, perfume, mercury, acid, and other chemicals to prevent discoloration, and regularly go to the jewelry factory for cleaning and maintenance.


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