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What is a cocktail ring

A cocktail ring refers to the center having a relatively large size of gemstone, surrounded by diamonds and other colored gems, and made into various beautiful shapes. Generally speaking, when cocktail rings were invented in the 1920s, there was no clear definition of what a cocktail ring was, so now we adhere to such a broad definition.

Our new familiar cocktail ring is a large ornate ring, usually designed with an intricate multicolored gemstone or a larger gemstone surrounded by diamonds. Cocktail rings have existed since their inception in the 1920s and have been at the forefront of fashion ever since.

The history of cocktail rings

cocktail ring

Cocktail rings first appeared during Prohibition in the 1920s, when cocktails were invented as a substitute for alcohol. Opponents of Prohibition attracted considerable upper-class awareness, and many of their social activities were related to illegal drinking in an era when women gained many rights and freedoms.

In many countries, women also gained the right to vote, and with these new rights came a new attitude. Women began to frequent cocktail parties, where they could smoke and drink freely. Women wanted to show they were self-sufficient, so wearing a cocktail ring symbolized female independence at the time.

Cocktail rings show the style of The Times, and the design and size of cocktail rings correspondingly represent the power of women. During this period, cocktail rings continued to gain popularity in the market, peaking in the 1950s. Also, due to the explosive growth of the economy and the rise of more conspicuous consumerism, people are buying houses, cars, and household appliances, in addition to many of these necessary goods for entertainment. So cocktail parties are back on the rise, and so are cocktail rings.

With the ultra-modern fashion of the 60s and the post-stripping style of the 70s, the popularity of cocktail rings began to wane. By the 1980s, cocktail rings had regained their place in the market and have continued to be famous.

Cocktail ring features

green gem cocktail ring

A cocktail ring is a bold style of bold and expressive ring, usually set with precious or semi-precious stones. Initially, cocktail rings were made of white gold. The 1920s, many jewelry pieces appeared, such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and aquamarines. The classic cocktail ring has remained the same in many ways over time. However, since the 50s, it has included a greater variety of designs, which have become increasingly sophisticated. Most cocktail rings are still classic designs.

How to put on a cocktail ring

cocktail ring

Since these cocktail rings are designed for the life of the party, they should traditionally be reserved for banquets and cocktail parties, and we consider cocktail rings to be more extravagant than our daily jewelry. However, now more people than ever like to combine casual and formal wear. When the cocktail ring is paired with a black cocktail dress, it will be emphasized as the outfit’s focal point. Cocktail rings are usually worn on the right hand so as not to be confused with engagement or wedding rings. It also allows them to reach their full potential and stand out. They are also usually worn on the ring finger, but many prefer to wear them on the index finger. It is also more casual than before.

The difference between cocktail rings and traditional wedding rings

cocktail ring

Cocktail ring Unlike the general traditional wedding ring, most wedding rings are single central diamonds. To make a clear distinction from the conventional wedding ring, the cocktail ring is not a single main stone design but is surrounded by several other gems. In addition to the exaggerated style of the cocktail ring, the average woman wears the ring on the right hand to convey the message of confidence, respect, love, and beauty, which has been the pursuit of all women throughout their lives. Cocktail rings emphasize their creativity in style and are often seen in large floral or geometric arrangements. The function is to be worn comfortably at any time. In terms of collocation, it is suitable for formal and casual dress. Let the jewelry leave the safe, wear jewelry no longer need any reason, and do not need to find the right occasion because wearing a cocktail ring is a declaration of self-consciousness, ethnic identity, and the construction of dreams and visions.


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