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Why do many people like to wear brooches?

A brooch is a high-order piece of jewelry; it is a symbol of taste and royal status. Brooches can be used as the diplomatic language of socialite politicians. They can also be the best jewelry to match our clothes. So why do we wear brooches?Here are a few reasons why most people love to wear a brooch.

First, the brooch is a language.

Tiger brooches pic

Brooches are naturally expressive to convey emotions and attitudes and reveal who we are and how we want to be seen.

Madeleine Albright, a famous diplomat, is the first female secretary of State in American history. She is a blunt, sharp, honest diplomat with a strong sense of independence. The U.S. media called it “a perfect match for President Clinton to create an era.” As a world-leading diplomat, Albright used a brooch to express her emotions and negotiation intentions. This unique habit was called “brooch diplomacy” by the media.

The leopard brooch pic

Albright has more than 200 brooches in her collection. Her brooches display a variety of themes and images, such as butterflies, bees, angels, stars, pandas, balloons, American flags, spaceships, snakes, birds, rainbows, beetles, fish, frogs, turtles, flowers, owls, and swans. Different brooches convey different moods and express different attitudes.

The bee brooch pic

As U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Albright was described by Iraqis as “a unique snake” because of her authoritarian style after she began to engage with the Iraqi government during the Persian Gulf War. A month later, Albright was wearing a serpentine brooch when she met with Iraqi official Shaukat Aziz. From then on, her “brooch philosophy” began to attract attention.

The lion brooch pic

When Albright visited China, she would wear a large panda brooch or other Chinese-related designs and colors as a gesture of friendship to China. When she met with former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Albright wore an eagle brooch, a symbol of American power and wisdom. When she traveled to the Middle East, Albright usually wore a gold dove brooch, a symbol of peace, or a goat brooch, a sign that would not stop until she reached her goal. On happy occasions, Albright would wear a hot air balloon on her chest to express happiness. Sometimes a cherub brooch is a gesture of good faith.

Second, the brooch is a status symbol.

Leopard brooch pic

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who can be called a walking jewelry box, is a worldwide jewelry “collector.” The Queen of England can’t be seen wearing huge jewelry all the time. On many occasions, she prefers to wear a brooch every time she makes an appearance.

The scarab brooch, made of rubies, gold, and diamonds, was a gift from the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, to Queen Elizabeth in 1996 to show his love for his wife. And among the Queen’s many jewels, there is a bright rose brooch; the style is simple and generous, with exquisite artistry; the rose in the center of the brooch is lifelike, surrounded by sparkling diamonds, large and small diamonds add up to a complete 100, its exact shape is breathtaking, brilliant but not the devil, the United States and not familiar.

scarab brooch pic

The rose brooch was a gift from the Queen for her mother’s 100th birthday to tell her: “You are the one I love the most, just like a rose.” After her mother’s death, the Queen kept the rose brooch in her collection and sometimes wore it to show how much she missed her.

white rose brooch pic

Three, a brooch is a symbol of grade.

frog brooch pic

Brooches can be worn on the chest and anywhere you want to wear them to express your taste. Matching a good brooch is also the beginning of a woman’s elegance. Brooch is a way for people to chase fashion. It can match clothes well and avoid clothes being monotonous. Many celebrities like to wear brooches. Here are some ways we can use the brooch better:

1. Brooches can be placed on cuffs or collars to play a decorative role, giving others a sense of freedom and ease.

2. Brooches can be worn on the brim of a hat as a hatpin, adding a lot of sparkle and surprise to an ordinary cap.

3. If a cardigan sweater or suit doesn’t have buttons, replace them with a brooch to draw attention and show elegance.

4. Brooches can be used to decorate scarves or silk scarves as a seal to complement each other more fashionable.


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