How do you distinguish turquoise jewelry?


Turquoise how to distinguish between true and false? I believe that many people buy green pine because they see its economic value. But how do you tell the true from the false? To avoid economic damage? Today, I will use an article to take you to understand.

How to understand fine jewelry?


With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people begin to pay attention to fine jewelry. However, fine jewelry remains a mysterious and unfamiliar territory for most people.

How to select pearls:Ultimate guide

For beginners who do not know about pearls, this is a very useful article for you, you can buy pearls in the future to reduce the loss of money, but also can let you do not buy fake pearls, then start to read the article.

How to build a successful jewelry store:Ultimate guide


Although the global market has been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the jewelry market has maintained good growth in recent years, so many investors pay attention to the jewelry industry. What should be paid attention to when opening jewelry stores? How to open a successful jewelry shop?