What are Baroque pearls and Keshi pearls?


Baroque pearls are a general term for irregular pearls, which are divided into two types according to their culture environment: seawater nucle-free keshi pearls and nucleated-shaped pearls, which are our standard Baroque pearlsEach Baroque pearl and keshi pearl is unique, a gift from nature, a surprise made by accident.

Different species of mother of pearl shell


The typical pearls on the market include freshwater pearls, seawater pearls, most cultured pearls, and natural pearls that have almost been mined. However, whether refined or natural pearls, the mother shells that give birth to them are nearly the same; in fact, the types of mother shells far exceed the number of our imagination; in addition to the most common ones, there are many we may rarely hear about, below I will introduce how many Pearl producing mother shells.

What are the types of jewelry?


Jewelry has become essential; wearing the right jewelry can create a different visual effect. Wearing the right jewelry can increase our confidence and allow us to bring out the best in ourselves. So, jewelry is essential for each of us. How much do you know about the classification of jewelry?

Pay attention to when buying rubies jewelry


Although the ruby is beautiful, it is also delicate, so every collector who wants to buy ruby jewelry must understand the nature of the ruby and carefully maintain it to keep it in the best condition over the years. So, how should we choose ruby jewelry? What maintenance and cleaning tips can make your ruby jewelry shine brightly for a long time?

What is the difference between Akoya freshwater pearls and Akoya seawater pearls?


On this point, I can choose according to my own needs and budget. If you have budget constraints, you can select high-quality freshwater Akoya pearls because they are not inferior to ordinary seawater Akoya pearls and are much more affordable. However, for those who have quality requirements and need collection value, it is recommended to choose seawater Akoya pearls.

What is 5D hard gold jewelry ?

5D hard gold wavy bracelet

5D hard gold, a new type of gold technology, is also pure gold 999.0‰; its hardness is high and bright like a mirror, and the texture can be comparable to 18K gold.

Does moissanite chang color ?

18 k white gold monissanite chain

Moissanite is a synthetic silicon carbide gemstone that, like diamonds, has a single crystal structure and will not fade because it is worn for too long.

11 ring shapes


Every time I see a different ring, I don’t know how to describe it, and when I go to a jewelry store to buy a ring, I can’t tell the shape of the ring. In fact, according to the classification of the ring shape, each ring has a proper name. Here is to introduce you:

Nine handmade jewelry brands

diamond ring

In this issue, we introduce nine handmade jewelry brands, widely praised for their beautiful design and exquisite modeling, and have become the hearts of many jewelry design brands.

What is a cocktail ring

Our new familiar cocktail ring is a large ornate ring, usually designed with an intricate multicolored gemstone or a larger gemstone surrounded by diamonds.

Top 10 pearl varieties

conch pearl

Pearls are organic gemstones and can be divided into two main categories, saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls, based on their growth environment, and natural growth pearls and cultured pearls based on their composition, so let’s take a look at the standard varieties in the pearl world!

What are precious metals ?


Precious metals are high-value metals widely recognized and used in the financial and jewelry industries. Mainly refers to gold, silver, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, iridium, and other eight metal elements

What kind of jewelry is worth collecting?

silver bracelet

Jewelry is a high-value item; some delicate jewelry pieces are also highly collectible. If you want to collect a piece of jewelry, you can judge it from the following 7 points.

Top 10 Silver Jewelry Manufacturers in China


If you are planning to start your own silver jewelry business and you are looking for reliable suppliers, here are 10 excellent silver jewelry manufacturers for you to consider