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Freshwater pearl and seawater pearl:Ultimate guide

Everyone loves pearls because wearing them will make them elegant and noble, but there are many fake pearls in the market, if you do not have a certain level of understanding of pearls, then you may suffer losses or buy fake pearls, so please read this article carefully.

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18K rose gold not equal to 925 Silver plated with rose gold

People love gold, the progress of modern technology has also developed more gold jewelry materials. A variety of materials from which to choose is enough to make people dazzling. Which is better, and what is the difference, between rose gold, which is used in many jewelry pieces, or 925 silver gold, which looks almost like gold?

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Gemstones ring yellow heart stones ring

18K gold VS platinum and 14K VS 18K

 So many consumers in the purchase of diamond ring will be entangled in the choice of 18K gold diamond ring or platinum diamond ring, then 18K gold and platinum which good?  What about 18-karat gold and platinum?

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What do the letters and numbers on the jewelry mean?

when we buy jewelry, we often see a lot of jewelry engraved with letters and numbers. We are curious about what they mean. To make you not suffer a loss when buying, next, we will introduce you to several standard jewelry numbers and letters that represent the meaning. Hope to help you.

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6 different kinds of jewellery are cleaned differently

Jewellery cleaning is tricky because each jewellery cleaning method is different; if the cleaning method is confused, it is easy to cause damage to the jewellery. To avoid this situation, I sort out the most complete and different cleaning methods of jewellery so that you can avoid confusion when cleaning. 

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